1. Understand

When Greenacres Industries quote a new job we take time to understand the intricacies of your project.  If it’s an assembly job we will dismantle the item and reassemble it in order to assess how we can break the process down into simple, repeatable, steps.

2. Simplify

While a task may look complex when seen as a finished piece, we break down the task into simple, easily understood smaller tasks.  These simplified tasks make it possible to train our supported employees to compete the task while maintaining the high quality that our customers expect.

3. Analysis

Part of the training process for our employees involves developing a task analysis for each job to formalise the production steps required and build in quality and assembly safeguards.

4. Training

Our vocational trainers work closely with our supported workers to ensure that they can successfully carry out each of the tasks identified in the task analysis

5. Checking

Greenacres Industries use a process of spot checking, weight checking and zero balancing of components to ensure that the work we produce is correct. Trainers and supervisors are on hand throughout the job to help maintain accuracy.

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