Why Greenacres Industries?

Greenacres Industries is a long established Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) offering a wide range of services to businesses in Sydney and the Illawarra region.

Large and small business, local and state government and entities choose Greenacres Industries for many reasons:

1. Corporate social responsibility

By choosing Greenacres Industries, you are helping to provide employment and empowerment for our 240 supported employees. In terms of corporate social responsibility, this communicates a strong message about the culture of your organisation.

2. Quality and reliability

Greenacres Industries is AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 certified for Quality Management Systems. We have a high ratio of supervisors and trainers to our workforce. This means we offer a consistently high quality of service you can rely on, and our employees are continuously growing their skills and capability. We really know what we’re doing and we do it well!

3. Simplified logistics

We have our own fleet of trucks, utilities and station wagons in and around Sydney during the working week.  We are able to collect and deliver goods to and from your premises, saving you the trouble of organising couriers or transport and have the flexibility to control delivery and pick up times. There have been many occasions when the we’ve picked up in Sydney at 6.00am for a customer or turned the truck around for an urgent pick up.

4. Our large workforce means we can tackle big jobs

With more than 240 people working for us – and the fact that our three facilities are in neighbouring locations – we have the capacity and flexibility to mobilise staff quickly to cater to larger projects as needed.  We also have the ability to run multiple jobs concurrently.

5. Storage is no problem

Greenacres Industries has ample storage capacity and this means we can store large volumes of products and take on projects that have significant storage requirements. Whether you need bulk pallet storage or pick faces we can offer this at competitive rates.

6. Cost effective

Drawing on more than 60 years experience, we have the systems, people, technology and know-how to cost effectively manage each and every project, making Greenacres Industries the ‘Value for money’ choice.

7. Wide ranging expertise

The projects we have worked on including textiles and industrial sewing, packaging and labelling, shrink wrapping, assembly and manufacturing. While we do have machinery to assist in many tasks, much of our work is done by hand line so we can quickly adapt to the task required. We would be pleased to discuss your specific requirements with you at no cost or obligation. Our Sydney based sales representative is  available to visit your premises at a time that’s convenient to you.

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