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My jobs are complex – can Greenacres Industries manage complicated jobs?2021-06-15T02:49:00+10:00

We handle many types of job. Some are quite simple while others are complex. Our in depth task analysis process is used to break complex jobs down into a series of small steps. Each step is taught to the team by our vocational trainers and we match the skill levels of the workers to the specific task. We can handle most jobs but also know our limitations and will not take on a job unless we know we can produce excellent results for our customers. Our sales team are always available to visit your site to assess each job.

What type of jobs can Greenacres Industries do?2021-06-15T02:47:40+10:00

Greenacres Industries employs a team of over 240 supported workers along with a skilled team of vocational trainers and supervisors. We offer a side range of services ranging from packing, labelling and shrink wrapping through industrial sewing to light manufacturing and assembly. We can find a solution to most of your outsourcing needs.

What is an Australian Disability Enterprise?2021-06-15T02:47:00+10:00

Many years ago people living with a disability were unable to find work and families came together all over Australia to create facilities where their children could go each day to keep them occupied. Over time those places became known as sheltered workshops and the people working there were often thought do be doing things simply to keep them occupied. This sector later came under tight government regulation and the organisations have become highly professional operations offering quality assured services to small, medium and large business as well as government entities.

Greenacres has been in operation for more than 60 years and employs over 240 people living with a disability in three facilities across Wollongong. Our Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) is not only a place of employment for our supported workers but a place where they build friendships, gain self worth, independence and learn other social skills just like everyone else does during their working life. The big difference between Greenacres and other employers is that we understand and can help our team deal with the difficulties and challenges that come with having a disability. It is such a supportive environment that people at Greenacres Industries actually like going to work!

Are you able to provide transport?2021-06-15T02:46:23+10:00

Greenacres Industries use our own 14 pallet trucks to transport our customers products. We are more than happy to offer our transport services to collect and deliver your jobs.

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