Greenacres Industries produces thousands of our Body Safe range of body bags annually.

Body Safe body bags were developed to meet a specific market need and are manufactured in our Wollongong facility by a highly trained team of supported workers. The squeamish should look away here but, for the technical purist, the Body Safe range are produced in various sizes to cover the broad range of human shapes and ages and they come either with or without handles (depending on the circumstances in which they will be used).

Every bag is both sewn and heat sealed by our supported workers to prevent fluid leakage, and each one is delivered shrink wrapped, and bar-coded to aid inventory management. This quality, Australian made, product is widely used throughout Australia and New Zealand in public hospitals, state forensic departments, and the airline and funeral industry.

  • Seam sealed and  leak resistant
  • 230GSM Heavy duty woven polyethylene fabric. Woven 1100d 14 x 14 HDPE UV stabilized finish.
  • Grey No.3 heavy duty polyester spiral zipper with metal slider and pull tab
  • 36 polyester cotton spun thread
  • A5 self adhesive seal-able pouches to hold documents
  • Sequentially numbered security seals that lock the zipper to the closed end of the zipper (optional)
  • Available in a range of sizes

Our wide range of body bags are distributed nationally through Bosco Medical. CLICK HERE to find out more.

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