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E-Waste, which consists of items like old TV’s, computer monitors, printers, PC’s laptops and other peripherals contains numerous scarce resources and, until a few years ago, was mainly sent to landfill. Greenacres Industries started processing E-waste to help local businesses, schools and government to keep their end-of-life computer equipment out of landfill.
Greenacres Industries is the local specialist in the recycling and recovery of components from unwanted, surplus, and waste electronic equipment from commercial operations. All E-waste we receive is dismantled by our employees and sorted for recycling enabling the diversion of up to 95%  of this material from landfill. Metal, glass, plastic, circuit boards and other electronic components are now traded on international markets and can be valuable recyclable commodities. Greenacres Industries work with our partners to ensure local and environmentally responsible treatment of all recovered components.

We can arrange the collection and the safe and secure dismantling and recycling of E-waste from your commercial premises. To discuss our services or arrange a collection, please call 1800 462446 or email>

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